I-SHARE Data Sharing Guidelines

Updated April 26, 2021.

Members of the I-SHARE consortium are welcome to use the multi-country dataset for analysis and paper writing as outlined below.

1. Data sharing and access:

Sharing of data for multi-country comparisons is governed by data sharing agreements. Data can only be shared within the I-SHARE consortium. In-country leads maintain control of individual country data and decisions about country-level data access are made solely by them. More details can be found in our data management plan here.

2. I-SHARE publication policy:

Publication is classified into three types. Concepts notes can be sent to Kristien Michielsen and Joseph Tucker. Our publication policy is outlined below:

Type 1: Based solely on national data
Countries have data ownership and can decide themselves to publish what and where they want. The full I-SHARE consortium should be acknowledged.

Type 2: Based on a small number of countries (e.g. a regional analyses on a certain topic)
All countries involved should be offered the opportunity to contribute to the analysis and writing, and hence to be co-author on the publication (if authorship requirements are met). The I-SHARE consortium is included as a co-author.

Type 3: Based on the majority of the countries
The international consortium takes the lead and authorship is made up of coordinators and working group leads. The full consortium is added as a co-author. There will still be an opportunity for additional members to contribute as well. We focus on a limited number of key papers.

If you have any questions, please send an email to kristien.michielsen@ugent.be and jdtucker@med.unc.edu.

3. Data sharing collection form:

To receive the I-SHARE multi-country dataset, please fill in the form here (or paste the following link in your browser: https://forms.gle/Mu4Zux8TW7xpyMDg6)